• Love Connection

    Created as a follow up to my Ludum Dare 26 entry of the same name, Love Connection is now a full iOS game featuring 40 levels and a wonderfully narrated story. Love Connection is now available to buy on the app store.

    Press Kit
  • Scaffolding

    Scaffolding is a view framework I created for Unity. It allows rapid creation of navigational systems and menus within Unity, one of the most valuable features that is needed by game developers that Unity does not cover.
    You can find more information about Scaffolding on its very own site.

    It helps you create screens and overlays and is hugely flexible. Just take a look at the the masking view transitions in Love Connection, they couldn't be done without Scaffolding.
  • Jazz Manatee

    As part of a tiny, minuscule game jam held at Preloaded, I created a rhythm action game about a manatee with an affinity for Jazz music, earning his dads love and painful, infuriating control schemes. Each side of your keyboard acts as a single button, but you can't press the same key twice in a row!
    Art by Laura Anastasio
    Music by Fiona Byrne

    Play the piano in the most awkward way possible with Jazz Manatee!
  • Let’s click and make up

    Continuing my on going love of creating games based around puns, Let's click and make up is a point and click adventure game about a man trapped in his bedroom, horribly late for a romantic date. Can you get him out of his room and to the restaurant?

    There are 6 endings in total, try and find them all!
    Play Let's click and makeup now
  • Atmosfeast

    Created for Ludum Dare, Atmosfeast is a small arcade style game about eating planets. Consume the green planets around you to grow your planet larger and take over all of space.

    Play Atmosfeast here!
  • Spaced Out

    Spaced Out was my final project for my degree course. It is an installation game that uses both mind control and kinect control to create a large scale interactive game.

    Using a brainwave sensing headset as the basis of the control system, the gameplay is centred around focusing your mind to destroy the evil space David Bowie as you play as magical space giraffe.

    Part of the interaction is in the performance of controlling the kinect. To make this even worse for participants, they are made to wear a large furry hat to help them get into the mindset of a giraffe.